Fullerton, California

Do you remember PCC (HOPE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY) when it had Escalators that didn't work? What about B.U.L.L.? Adelphoi? When Titan drive used to be a real street? When we called it the P.I.T.S.? What about the old cafateria and the mystery grey meat? Do you remember seeing films at the theater? Who stole George Taubman? What was the Third of March Parade and when was it? Did you go Ice Blocking at Hillcrest Park? Do you remember making out with someone on a cold winter night at the Uniplant? How about midnight swims? Water balloon fights? Throwing water balloons at the girls dorm? What is a funnelator? How about triple bunks? The excitment of getting a phone hooked up in your room? Did you ever experiance the Blue Flame? Do a "Naugles Run"? Go to an underground dance sponsored by the students? Put a row boat in the dorm pool? Pop open a shaving cream can with a can opener and throw it in some one's room? Lock a tardy professor out of a room? Take some ones pie or desert while they are praying? Drink gallons of Dr. Pepper and stay up all night? Go up the down and down the up escalators? The Ophir State Marching Band?