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Yes that is me on the lower left hand corner. My friend Raul Portillo shot a short film 2 years ago and it was accepted into this years Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival 2005 for more details click here.
Not only did I have a small part in the film but I did his titles and digital effects.

school memories:
nimitz jr. high class of 74
bell high the class of 77 remembered.
pacific christian college
Ophir State Marching Band
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front page mag need i say more
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cool films according to me:

one of the coolest films around is the movie the woman chaser (1999) directed by robinson devor and starring patrick warburton of sienfeld fame. it is based on a book by charles willeford about at used car salesman in the late 50's who wants to make a movie and he won't let anyone or any woman stand in the way of his desire.

patrick warburton

shot in color and then transfered to glorious black and white it has one of the best soundtracks i have ever heard, lots of cal tjader and lounge classics. this is the kind of film i can only dream of ever making. unfortunately it is not out on dvd, but you might be able to catch it on cable, if you do, have your tivo ready.


Motion Graphic Designer
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graphic design –
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web design
currently looking for full time work
Web Design: sifi awards good eats my web site you silly goose
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motion graphics
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graphic design programs
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adobe illustrator

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